Why not try a unique hands-on learning experience at a space venture?

We are accepting internship applications on an ongoing basis.
If you are a student interested in commercial spacecraft development or commercial space business, please apply.

Year round
・All students are welcome including freshman level.
・Work hours calculation : 2 months = 25 days/month = 8 hours/day x 50 days = 400 hours
・In case you cannot conduct one continued period of 2 months, splitting into several blocks within max. 4 months is possible as well.
・Basically we only allow you to work on-site(R&D center). However, up to 10% of total hours (40 hours) can be done remotely.
・To work essay and participate for seminar are also allowed during intern period, but excluding those hours from intern job hours.
Job description
Examples of work subjects are as follows.
※ We will decide the task in charge, taking into consideration the hope, ability, and business situation of the person.

【Development work】

  • Engine development
    • Production of combustion mode switching engine
    • Combustion experiment
    • Data analysis etc.
  • UAS development
    • Production of fixed-blade unmanned aircraft
    • Repair of flight control device / program
    • Construction of communication system (including ground station)
    • Support of ground test / flight test etc.

【Work related to spaceplane operation project】

  • Study of medical standards relating to space tourism
  • Unmanned / manned aircraft operation and flight test, legislation on space tourism
  • Research of spaceport
  • Research of orbit insertion of micro satellites
Based on the applicant’s preference, we will decide.
※ Please present your request, such as time, period, frequency, attendance time.
Aichi JAPAN, other
※ Basically, the internship will take place at the R&D center, but data analysis, programming, various examinations / surveys, etc. can be carried out even in remote areas.
※ We will consider individual circumstances, so please present your request.
(For the
Documents submitted ※Please use PD AeroSpace’s formats.(Please also present the requests / consultation matters at the same time)
⇒ Confirmation of the conditions

Interview (R&D center or Teams)
⇒ Decision
⇒ Start internship
*The estimated period of CoE issuance for foreign nationality students is 1-3 months.
Based on the internship philosophy, it will be an unpaid internship programme in principle.(At the end of the internship, a partial support fund will be provided.)
※ However, for work beyond cumulative 400 hours, we will pay remuneration according to abilities. (Need to report on results)
※Foreign students who receive remuneration according to abilities must have “Specific Activities (Notification No. 9)” status of residence.
※ Meeting time will be considered half of work time.
Please send the required documents found in the link below by email with the subject as “Internship application”.
※Documents required for submission varies depending on the object. Please submit only the applicable documents.
※ Please coordinate with your own school (department) for internship.
※ Please present your requests, such as time, period, frequency, or job.
Please send e-mails to the e-mail address above for any further inquiries.



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