PDAS Aichi Ouentai

PDエアロスペース 地元あいちPR 応援隊

Purpose of the PDAS Aichi Ouentai

To spread the word that PD Aerospace (abbreviated as PDAS), a private-sector-led spacecraft development project, exists in Japan and Aichi Prefecture, with a focus on Aichi Prefecture. And to increase the number of PDAS fans and space fans.
The ultimate goal is to achieve “100% PDAS awareness among Aichi Prefecture residents.

Teamster’s message


To enjoy the activities of the support team.


Be proud to be a member.


Believe that you can go to space.

Team Member Type

Supporting Member Regular Member
Target audience Personal Companies and Persons
Annual price Free 12,000 yen
Enlistment permit
Mail delivery
(twice a year)
Mail version Mail version and
paper mailing
Purchase of limited edition goods
May be available for regular members only.
Exclusive event

May be available for regular members only.


Increase and maintain membership,
issue membership cards
Mail distribution for members
(once a month)
Publication of the Corps newsletter (four times a year)
Production of limited edition goods (irregular)
Planning limited events
(details to be determined)

Regular Members
(Listed for corporate companies only)

Research and study of physical and chemical technologies, development, manufacture, and sales of products for testing, inspection, measurement, analysis, and simple judgment reagents

Rental and sales of various refrigerated and frozen showcases, kitchen-related equipment, sales fixtures, etc., and support for event planning, etc.

Development, improvement design, and drawing of various products and parts

Promotional video production, video recording, live streaming, drone aerial photography, on-site photography

liquor retailing

Logistics, regular delivery, exclusive transportation, small-lot pickup and delivery, inventory control

Manufacture and wholesale of aged noodles, mainly yakisoba noodles, and development of original noodles

Website and e-commerce site production, web application support for local governments, support for the tourism and immigration fields, web service development

Prototype manufacturing, transparent products, transmission visualization

Planning, production, and maintenance of all types of models, including architectural models, models for presentations, machine and plant models, and diorama models



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