緒川 修治

Shuji Ogawa

Bachelor of Engineering, Fukui University, Fukui, Japan
Master of Aerospace Engineering, Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan
Over 30 years of experience as laboratory,experiment and development assistant for Mr. Ogawa Senior.
Support development of Next Generation Support Fighter at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for four years
Development engineer for automobile parts at Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. for seven years
Participated in JAXA’s closed environment experiment
Space policy commitee, Cabinet office, Government of Japan
Member, space transportation system working group (two terms)


  • 全般計画室吉田 裕一

    Project ControlHirokazu Yoshida

    Master of aerospace engineering, Nagoya Univiversity
    Engaged in the development of military and commercial aircraft, focusing on airframe systems such as control systems, at MHI and MITAC

  • エンジン開発担当伊藤 嘉宏

    R&DYoshihiro Ito

    Master of Informatics, Kyoto University, Japan 15 years of Engineering experience (Controlling system) in Mazda / Honda 2 years of Project
    management experience in MITAC

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当Anssi Kaakkomäki

    R&DAnssi Kaakkomäki

    Graduated from Finnish University
    mechanical engineering, MEng
    16 years of experience in piloting UAS, piloted target plane at Finnish Defence Forces

  • エンジン開発担当 内藤 雄心

    R&DYushin Naito

    Graduated with a Ph.D. in mechanical and space engineering from Hokkaido University
    Previous research interest was droplet evaporation characteristics in spray combustion

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当剌刀 一匡

    R&DKazumasa Kamisori

    Graduated from Tohoku University, aerospace engineering, MEng
    Experienced in JSDF helicopter manufacturing and maintenance at Kawasaki Heavy Industries

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当Nicola Zedde

    R&DNicola Zedde

    MSc Aerospace Engineering, University of Bologna
    Structural Analysis Engineer
    FEM specialist

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当瀧 雅浩

    R&DMasahiro Taki

    Graduated from Chubu University Faculty of Engineering
    Engaged in heat / stiffness testing and quality control of automobiles

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当田中 ゆき乃

    R&DYukino Tanaka

    Graduated from Kanazawa Institute of Technology Department of Aeronautics.
    Engaged in structure analysis at MITAC.

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当早川 哲宏

    R&DTetsuhiro Hayakawa

    Graduated from Nagoya University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.
    After working for a travel agency, engaged as a structure analysis engineer of vehicle and airplane.For last 4 years, worked as a customer support engineer of software for simulating fluid dynamics.

  • 開発支援担当北澤 幹

    R&DTakashi Kitazawa

    Graduated from Nagasaki institute of applied science, ship and marine Engineering.
    After engaging in the development of composite molding technology for racing sailboat at sailboat builderengaged in airplane parts supplier as Composite Manufacture Eng.

  • 事務担当藤井 優

    CorporateYu Fujii

    Graduated from Finnish University bioengineering MSc

  • 事務担当大井 淳一

    CorporateJunichi Oi

    Graduated from Nagoya University, metallurgy MEng
    Experienced in steelmaking technology and production at Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
    Former executive officer at Japanese-American metal casting company


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