緒川 修治

Shuji Ogawa

Bachelor of Engineering, Fukui University, Fukui, Japan
Master of Aerospace Engineering, Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan
Over 30 years of experience as laboratory,experiment and development assistant for Mr. Ogawa Senior.
Support development of Next Generation Support Fighter at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for four years
Development engineer for automobile parts at Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. for seven years
Participated in JAXA’s closed environment experiment
Space policy commitee, Cabinet office, Government of Japan
Member, space transportation system working group (two terms)

Directors and Auditors

  • 社外取締役鬼塚 慎一郎

    External DirectorShinichiro Onitsuka

    Leader, Space Business Team, Business Promotion Department, Group Management Strategy Office

  • 社外取締役福島 研

    External DirectorKen Fukushima

    Corporate Officer, Head of Corporate Planning Division

  • 社外監査役安野 智彦

    External AuditorTomohiko Yasuno

    Representative, Yasuno Tomohiko Certified Public Accountants’ Office
    (Formerly of Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC)


  • 技術顧問升谷 五郎

    Technical advisorGoro Masuya

    Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering
    Former professor emeritus Supersonic combustion
    technology Engine design

  • 海外渉外加藤 英毅(Eddie)

    Overseas affairsEddie Kato

    Over 30 years of experience in new business development and sales of satellite at Mitsubishi Electric, GE, Lockheed, Orbital Sciences, and Thales.


  • CSO(運用執行責任者)丸木 武志

    CSO (Operation execution)Takeshi Maruki

    Graduated from the International Space University. Engaged in a wide range of business activities from R&D to management, mainly in the aerospace, robotics, and automotive industries.

  • Finance 丹羽 剛

    FinanceTsuyoshi Niwa

    Received a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Worked for an US-based investment fund, primarily overseeing Japanese market. Also worked for an investment bank in Tokyo, advising clients on M&A and capital raising transactions.


  • エンジン開発担当Basi Harminder

    Engine DevelopmentBasi Harminder

    Graduated from University of Surrey, aerospace engineering BEng (Hons)
    Experienced in software and hardware integration for Rolls-Royce Trent 500 FADEC(Full Authority Digital Engine Control)

  • エンジン開発担当伊藤 嘉宏

    Engine DevelopmentYoshihiro Ito

    Master of Informatics, Kyoto University, Japan 15 years of Engineering experience (Controlling system) in Mazda / Honda 2 years of Project
    management experience in MITAC

  • エンジン開発担当黒田 宙

    Engine DevelopmentHiroshi Kuroda

    Seconded from Toyota Motor.
    Graduated from Kyushu University mechanical engineering, MEng P.E.(Mech.)
    Vehicle aerodynamics and wind noise performance development experience for more than 10 years.

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当Anssi Kaakkomäki

    UAS DevelopmentAnssi Kaakkomäki

    Graduated from Finnish University
    mechanical engineering, MEng
    16 years of experience in piloting UAS, piloted target plane at Finnish Defence Forces

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当剌刀 一匡

    UAS DevelopmentKazumasa Kamisori

    Graduated from Tohoku University, aerospace engineering, MEng
    Experienced in JSDF helicopter manufacturing and maintenance at Kawasaki Heavy Industries

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当Nicola Zedde

    UAS DevelopmentNicola Zedde

    MSc Aerospace Engineering, University of Bologna
    Structural Analysis Engineer
    FEM specialist

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当瀧 雅浩

    UAS DevelopmentMasahiro Taki

    Graduated from Chubu University Faculty of Engineering
    Engaged in heat / stiffness testing and quality control of automobiles

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当Carl Trautman

    UAS DevelopmentCarl Trautman

    BSc Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta
    Engaged in B787/B747 component production engineering and automotive repair for 5 years.

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当Ouvrard Arthur

    UAS DevelopmentOuvrard Arthur

    Master’s degree in Aerospace engineering from ESTACA in Paris,Materials engineering Politécnica Madrid
    Experienced in Satellite and aeronautical structural design and testing.

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当田中 ゆき乃

    UAS DevelopmentYukino Tanaka

    Graduated from Kanazawa Institute of Technology Department of Aeronautics.
    Engaged in structure analysis at MITAC.

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当早川 哲宏

    UAS DevelopmentTetsuhiro Hayakawa

    Graduated from Nagoya University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.
    After working for a travel agency, engaged as a structure analysis engineer of vehicle and airplane.For last 4 years, worked as a customer support engineer of software for simulating fluid dynamics.

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当村上 享平

    UAS DevelopmentKyohei Murakami

    Graduated from Nihon University, Department of Aerospace Engineering.
    Graduated from Nagoya University, Department of Electrical Engineering by solar corona research using MHD.

  • UAS(無人機)開発担当Amr Halawa

    UAS DevelopmentAmr Halawa

    BSc & MSc in Aerospace Engineering, Cairo University.PhD & Postdoc in Aerospace Engineering & Wind Energy, Kyushu University.
    10+ years of experience in Fluid Dynamics and Aeroelasticity in Aerospace & Renewable Energy applications.

  • 企画渉外担当国松 健治

    Corporate PlanningKenji Kunimatsu

    Seconded from HIS
    General travel business manager Engaged in travel sales, product planning, event management, etc.Representative of HIS Space Business Study Group

  • 企画渉外担当黒田 有彩

    Corporate PlanningArisa Kuroda

    Ochanomizu University Faculty of Science Graduated
    Widely active as a talent, including TV (reporter, MC, etc.), radio, internet, stage.
    Antares Inc. Representative Director

  • 宇宙機運用担当石田 有希惠

    Spaceplane OperationsYukie Ishida

    Have experience as a cabin crew at ANA group airline.
    Engaged in cabin training development at MITAC.

  • 宇宙機運用担当野口 智可

    Spaceplane OperationsTomoka Noguchi

    Completed the Economics Program, Graduate School of Human and Social Sciences, Hiroshima University. Majored in empirical analysis.

  • 事務担当藤井 優

    Office ManagerYu Fujii

    Graduated from Finnish University bioengineering MSc

  • 事務担当大井 淳一

    Office ManagerJunichi Oi

    Graduated from Nagoya University, metallurgy MEng
    Experienced in steelmaking technology and production at Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
    Former executive officer at Japanese-American metal casting company

  • 開発支援担当岸本 正義

    Engineering SupportMasayoshi Kishimoto

    After working as an automobile mechanic, he worked for a major automobile manufacturer for about 10 years in prototype and experimental evaluation development of car bodies and core parts. Most recently, he worked in production technology at a car body manufacturer.

  • 開発支援担当河野 邦宏

    Engineering SupportK.Kono

    First-class Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for Boeing, Airbus, and Embraer aircraft.Chief Instructor of JAL First-Class Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Training Facility Engaged as an ICA Compliance Expert and a Continued Airworthiness Engineer at Mitsubishi Aircraft

  • 開発支援担当笹尾 直人

    Engineering SupportNaoto Sasao

    Engaged in line maintenance and airworthiness inspection at airlines for over 20years.


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