Management team




CEO and CTO:Shuji Ogawa


- Bachelor of Engineering, Fukui University, Fukui, Japan
- Master of Aerospace Engineering, Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan
- Over 30 years of experience as laboratory,experiment and development assistant for Mr. Ogawa Senior.
- Support development of Next Generation Support Fighter at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for four years
- Development engineer for automobile parts at Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. for seven years
- Participated in JAXA’s closed environment experiment
- Space policy commitee, Cabinet office, Government of Japan
Member, space transportation system working group (two terms)

緒川 修治

Directors and Auditors

津田 佳明

External Director

Yoshiaki Tsuda

General Manager of Business Development Department and General Manager of Business Development Department, Group Corporate Strategy Office Digital Design Lab Senior Director

福島 研

External Director

Ken Fukushima

Corporate Officer, Head of Corporate Planning Division

安野 智彦

External Auditor

Tomohiko Yasuno

Representative, Yasuno Tomohiko Certified Public Accountants' Office
(Formerly of Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC)

Technical advisor

升谷 五郎

Technical advisor

Goro Masuya

Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering
Former professor emeritus
Supersonic combustion technology
Engine design


  • 渡邉 仁史

    CPO (Operations)

    Hitoshi Watanabe

    Experienced in project management at IT industry

  • 藤巻 寛道

    CFO (Finance)

    Hiromichi Fujimaki

    Graduated from Waseda University School of Political Science
    Engaged in global financial business at Toyota Financial Services and Nissan Motor, corporate revitalization and venture business development at an investment company

  • 調 尚孝

    Technical Adviser

    Naotaka Shirabe

    Graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Division
    (Latter Doctoral Course) of the University
    Dr. of Engineering
    Experienced the Developments of Fuel Injection System and the Studies of Internal Combustion Engine Measurements in the Automotive Parts Supplier and its subsidiary Laboratory

  • Basi Harminder

    Engine Development

    Basi Harminder

    Graduated from University of Surrey, aerospace engineering BEng (Hons)

    Experienced in software and hardware integration for Rolls-Royce Trent 500 FADEC(Full Authority Digital Engine Control)

  • Henny Bottini

    Engine Development

    Henny Bottini

    Graduated from Polytechnic University of Catalonia, fluid mechanics DEng

    Former researcher at Nagoya University, department of aerospace engineering and postdoctoral researcher in JAXA

  • Tharun Raj Gujjala

    Engine Development

    Tharun Raj Gujjala

    MSc Aerospace Engineering
    Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Netherlands
    Specialization in Propulsion and Power

  • 尾川 貴之

    Engine Development

    Takayuki Ogawa

    Seconded from Maidoh. Engaged in the design and development of fasteners for the automotive industry for more than 10 years

  • Anssi Kaakkomäki

    UAS Development

    Anssi Kaakkomäki

    Graduated from Finnish University
    mechanical engineering, MEng

    16 years of experience in piloting UAS, piloted target plane at Finnish Defence Forces

  • 熊谷 大地

    UAS Development

    Daichi Kumagai

    Seconded from ANA

    Over 10 years of aircraft maintenance experience for B787 and other passenger jets

  • 剌刀 一匡

    UAS Development

    Kazumasa Kamisori

    Graduated from Tohoku University, aerospace engineering, MEng

    Experienced in JSDF helicopter manufacturing and maintenance at Kawasaki Heavy Industries

  • Nicola Zedde

    UAS Development

    Nicola Zedde

    MSc Aerospace Engineering, University of Bologna
    Structural Analysis Engineer
    FEM specialist

  • 瀧 雅浩

    UAS Development

    Masahiro Taki

    Graduated from Chubu University Faculty of Engineering
    Engaged in heat / stiffness testing and quality control of automobiles

  • 小西 大介

    UAS Development

    Daisuke Konishi

    Seconded from IHI AEROSPACE Co., Ltd.
    8 years of experience in solid rocket components design development

  • Tarek Dief

    UAS Development

    Tarek Dief

    BSc and MSc degrees from Aerospace department, Cairo University.
    PhD and post doctor from Kyushu University.
    8 years experience in drones and airborne wind energy applications.

  • Carl Trautman

    UAS Development

    Carl Trautman

    BSc Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta
    Engaged in B787/B747 component production engineering and automotive repair for 5 years.

  • Satoshi Otsuka

    UAS Development

    Satoshi Otsuka

    Airline Commercial Pilot (Japan, U.S.A.)
    Multiple-fire limited, instrument flight certification and an air radio operator. A320 type rating also obtained.

  • 尾嶌 亮

    Corporate Planning

    Ryo Ojima

    Web developer
    Project management
    Business development

  • 小松

    Corporate Planning


    Graduated from Miyagi University
    Engaged in industry and tourism promotion as a prefecture official

  • 杉浦 英相

    Corporate Planning

    Eisuke Sugiura

    Seconded from Hekinan City Office. Engaged in general affairs, taxation, industrial promotion of companies.

  • 国松 健治

    Spaceplane Operations

    Kenji Kunimatsu

    Seconded from HIS
    General travel business manager
    Engaged in travel sales, product planning, event management, etc.
    Representative of HIS Space Business Study Group

  • 黒田 有彩

    Spaceplane Operations

    Arisa Kuroda

    Ochanomizu University Faculty of Science Graduated
    Widely active as a talent, including TV (reporter, MC, etc.), radio, internet, stage.
    Antares Inc. Representative Director

  • 藤井 優

    Office Manager

    Yuu Fujii

    Graduated from Finnish University
    bioengineering MSc

  • 大井 淳一


    Junichi Oi

    Graduated from Nagoya University, metallurgy MEng
    Experienced in steelmaking technology and production at Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
    Former executive officer at Japanese-American metal casting company

  • 黄 亜有


    Ayu Hwang

    After graduating from university, Engaged in domestic travel business at Travel agency.

  • 岸本 正義

    Engineering Support

    Masayoshi Kishimoto

    After working as an automobile mechanic, he worked for a major automobile manufacturer for about 10 years in prototype and experimental evaluation development of car bodies and core parts. Most recently, he worked in production technology at a car body manufacturer.

  • 平川 宏充

    Engineering Support

    Hiromitsu Hirakawa

    After graduating from university, he was engaged in product development and design for automobiles.
    Involved in the development of commercial products in addition to those for car manufacturers.