Partners Wanted

Development Partners

We have a slot for participation in the space plane development project.

Participation by companies, laboratories, and
organizational units.
In principle, there is no mutual compensation.
(Leverage your strengths and cooperate)

Project Implementation Structure

PD AEROSPACE 共同研究:委託の形態をとり、対価・費用を伴うor双方持ち出し※受託の際は、立場が逆転 プロジェクト参画:広くプロジェクトに参画してもらうための枠組み規約に賛同の上での申込形式で、対価発生しない。企業、大学、団体が対象(部課、研究室単価)

If you are interested, please read the pdfTerms and Conditions and submit the
WordApplication Form to the Secretariat.

Currently, the following people are participating in the project.

Joint Research Partners

Project Participation Partners

Company/University/Organization Responsibilities / Field / Industry
Gifu technical college, Department of Mechanical Engineering 
Nakatani Research Laboratory
Raymac Business / Management
STSJ Business/Information
Design Koike Design
Team-F Experiments/Production
JETSET Experiment / Flight
Tokyo Ryuken Co. Design / Wind Test
Alex Corporation
Design / Evaluation
Ohori Grinding Industry Co. Experiment / Parts
Nihon University
School of Science and Technology Precision 
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yoshida Research Laboratory
Design / Analysis
Suganuma & Matsui Law Office Business/Law
Index Rights Experiments / Processing
Chubu Monozukuri UNITED
(13 companies)
Experiment / Parts
Unichemy Corporation Experiment/Evaluation
Nitto Koatsu Co. Experiments / Materials
Plus Patent Office Business/Patents

In addition to those mentioned above, there are also organizations and institutions that share the purpose of this project and are indirectly supporting and cooperating with us.

Supporting/Cooperating Organizations

Company/University/Organization Responsibilities / Field / Industry
Technical Research Institute
Project Nippon
(Dream Gate)
Venture Support
N-1 Grand Prix Local,
Venture Support
Arimatsu Shibori Association Home area
Hekinan City Including the portability agreement


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