Development Project

Development Plan and Status

The unmanned aircraft will be developed first, and the service is scheduled to start by 2027.
We will also start developing manned aircraft in parallel with the unmanned aircraft development process.

In the development of the manned aircraft, we will feed back the issues that arose in the operation of the unmanned aircraft and confirm the reliability of the manned level. After certification of the aircraft in Japan, we aim to start operations in 2029.




We are currently in the
development phase of elemental technologies for unmanned vehicles.
We are working on these developments in parallel as key elemental technologies.

  • Engine

    combustion mode switching

  • Airframe

    High altitude & high speed,
    re-entry support

  • Control

    Long-range remote control,
    Autonomous navigation




【Pulse jet engine】

【Pulse detonation engines】

Airframe/Control System

PDAS-X01 flight demonstration aircraft

※August 2008 First flight

  • Total length:1475mm
  • Overall width:1545mm
  • Full weight:6.5kg
  • Power:Pulse jet x 2
  • Fuel:Gasoline
  • Altitude:50m
  • Speed:80km/h

PDAS-X02 Flying Test Bed (FTB)

※December 2010 First flight

  • Total length:3050mm
  • Overall width:2137mm
  • Full weight:30.1kg
  • Power:Gas turbine x 1
  • Fuel:kerosene
  • Altitude:555m (barometric altitude)
  • Speed:255km/h

PDAS-X03A Unmanned Technology Demonstrator

※March 2013 First flight

  • Total length: 1455mm
  • Overall width: 1778mm
  • Full weight:3.5kg
  • Power: Electric motor x 1 unit
  • Fuel: Battery
  • Height:- m
  • Speed: – km/h

PDAS-X04 unmanned technology demonstrator + long-range flight demonstrator

※January 2013 First flight

  • Total length: 2286mm
  • Overall width: 3300mm
  • Full weight:21.5kg (MTOW)
  • Power: 1 x 2-st 28cc engine
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Height:- m
  • Speed: Max 130 km/h, Cruise 80 km/h
  • Cruising time: 10 hours (4000cc tank)


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