Spaceplane Development Project

Spaceplane Concept

A completely reusable suborbital spacecraft that is distinctly different from conventional vertical launch rockets and the separate, multiple-engine airframe systems being developed overseas.

Instead of a launch, we took off and landed
aircraft style.
The airframe is not disposable, but
Switch combustion modes and fly with
a single airframe engine.

PROFILEFlight Profile


In order to reach space with a single engine, we are developing the world’s first engine that can switch between jet combustion mode and rocket combustion mode, based on detonation technology. A combustion experiment was successfully conducted in 2005, and we are currently conducting technology demonstration and development for practical use.

Patented a method of switching between jet combustion and rocket combustion according to atmospheric conditions, using the intermittent explosion combustion of pulse detonation engines.
(Patent No. 5014071)

The features of “simple structure,” “high load,” and “high efficiency” can be utilized to improve reliability and reduce costs.

It has a standby function and a divert function so that it can be reactivated during the outbound and landing from space.


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