About us

Mission Statement

“Bringing Space Closer.”

There are so many amazing possibilities in space waiting to be discovered and understood.
Perhaps a new kind of resource or energy source is just around the corner.
Space also enables us to reflect upon ourselves and the Earth to deeply understand the preciousness of life and nature.
There will be unpredictable challenges during our journey to reach the stars. We choose to take upon these challenges because we believe humanity can earn so much from space exploration.
In order to bring space closer and move towards a more peaceful and prosperous world, PD AeroSpace will continue to pursue the challenges in the field of space transportation.

Corporate Philosophy


We contribute to society with technology.


We maintain harmony with space, the Earth, nature and humanity.


– We become a company that society wants to exist, a company that clarifies the significance of itself through its activity.

Company Motto


Never give up and keep an indomitable spirit of challenge.


When there is no path, make one yourself.


Innovation over improvement.


Understand that time and space are limited and take action.

Message from CEO

In the 21st century, space has become indispensable to our daily life.
In the future, our activity in space will expand and diversify leading to medical, industrial and scientific research conducted in space. In order for such research and development to be fully effective, it is necessary for industry, government and academia to promote individual research while maintaining unity and conducting it comprehensively and efficiently. For Japan to efficiently develop its activities in space, Japan needs its own space infrastructure. A space transportation system along with a general platform for utilizing space is essential to such infrastructure.

The achievement of such an infrastructure has been my goal for a long time and this passion is still strong in myself. Our company is not dependent on government policies or enormous funds; we seek to develop a manned spaceplane as one private company. Fully utilizing the experience gained over my career, I wish to bring a revolutionary technology to the field of aerospace and bring our challenge to life.

“Everything stops once it is given up; the only path to success is to keep trying”

The simple idea of “cannot” is enough to make something impossible. Thinking of how to achieve something is the starting point. No matter how sizable a project is, what propels it forward is a collection such small starts.

At PD AeroSpace, we are collecting individual contributions to progress in our challenge within the space sector. I hope and believe that our company’s effort will be a shared passion among many and that among our numerous collaborators we will construct our future together.

PD AeroSpace, LTD.

President and Representative Director

緒川 修治


May ’07 PD AeroSpace, LTD. Established
February ’08 Participated in funding matching event
August ’08 Noshiro space event/demo flight
April ’09 R & D organization launched (3 universities, 2 companies, 1 JAXA volunteer)
August ’09 Visit space startup in L.A USA
February ’10 Start design of next experimental machine (X-02)
November ’10 Centrair Space Port initiative started(CV2020)
December ’10 Start development of new engine
February ’13 Inaugurated an extraordinary member of Cabinet Office Space Strategy Office Space Policy Committee (Space Transportation System Subcommittee)
December ’13 Joint research agreement signed with JAXA, Kyushu Institute of Technology
February ’14 Invited as speaker at TEDxNayabashi
March ’14 Visited and had technical meeting with the University of Texas, NASA Johnson Space Center, visited Spaceport America.

Awards and Technical Contribution

November ’07 Awarded N-1 Grand Prix Grand Prix (Nagoya 100 companies)
March ’09 MEXT Dream Gate Finalist (213 companies nationwide)
July ’09 Heinlein NewSpace Business Plan Competition 4th(NASA Ames)
September ’10 Awarded Excellence Award of commemorative papers on the 5th anniversary of the opening of Chubu International Airport
 ”The role that Centrair plays for the coming commercial space use era”
May ’12 Pulse detonation engine (combustion mode switching) patented
August ’12 Adoption of New Aichi Creative R & D Assistance Project “Demonstration Experiment on Remote Pilot Unmanned Airplane”
September ’13 EY Entrepreneurs of the Year Tokai Hokuriku Area Special Award

About Us

Company name
PD AeroSpace, LTD.
Headquarter :
 3519 Arimatsu Midori-ku Nagoya Aichi 458-0924, JAPAN
R&D center :
 1-27 Minatohonmachi Hekinan Aichi 447-0844, JAPAN
May 30, 2007
Capital stock
1.105 billion yen (Including capital reserve)
Representative Director
Shuji Ogawa
Number of employees
39 (Including seconded employees)
Business Description
Space plane development
Space tourism and ancillary businesses
Space transportation business (including spaceport)


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