Spaceplane Business

Business Overview

In order to understand the global environment and promote the use of the space environment, we will build a low-cost,
convenient space transportation infrastructure.

In Europe and the U.S., many venture companies have already started to develop and operate space vehicles with ideas and methods that only the private sector can provide.The transportation system, which supports the foundation of the space business, will become increasingly important in the future.
We aim to develop and operate internationally competitive space transportation systems with our unique aircraft concept.


We will approach two markets, one in space and the other on Earth.

Outer Space Suborbital Flight Services

It provides an opportunity to observe the minute microgravity environment, images, and various observations that occur during a fall from a high altitude (80km altitude).
It can be used in the fields of science, industry, and service.

科学 微小重力実験、大気観測 産業 新薬の創製、半導体・新規材の開発 サービス 衛星の開発

Global Multi-purpose Observation Service

It provides multi-purpose observation services by utilizing the characteristics of unmanned spacecraft, such as quick response, mobility, and adaptability to harsh environments.
It is suitable for observations in areas where danger and speed are required, such as local earth observations and large-scale disasters.

科学 微小重力実験、大気観測 産業 新薬の創製、半導体・新規材の開発 サービス 衛星の開発
  • Observation of dangerous areas such as volcanoes

  • local weather observation

  • Large-scale disasters
    Assessing the situation

  • Earth Observation
    Satellite Data Interpolation

  • Marine Rescue Support


Developed aircraft Type Total length Payload high altitude Main applications
PDAS-X06 Unmanned 5m 50kg ~10km Observation
PDAS-X07 Unmanned 12m 100kg 80km Microgravity experiments and high-altitude atmospheric observations
PDAS-X08 Manned 18m 6名+2名(Pilot) 80km space tourism
PDAS-X09 Manned T.B.D 6,000kg 80km P2P

Currently, all of them are in the development phase. As soon as the development is completed, we will start the operation (service provision) sequentially.


In the development phase, we are working with the cooperation of many universities, research institutes, and partner companies.
In the operation phase, we manufacture mass-produced aircraft, operate the aircraft, and perform periodic maintenance.

PD AEROSPACE 開発⇒製造保守 ・設計・製造・定期整備(重整備)
  • Airframe Operations
  • Routine maintenance
  • Ground Support
  • [User]
  • Meteorological Agency
  • Universities and research institutions
  • Aerospace manufacturer
  • Planning companies, travel agencies

FUTUREFuture Vision (Growth Strategy)

他天体鉱物資源 ISSへの物資輸送 宇宙発電


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