Website Terms of Use



Website Terms of Use

Any person (“User”) visiting, brousing, or using the website (“Website”) administered by PD AeroSpace, LTD. (“PDAS”) is deemed to have agreed to this Terms of Use presented below (“Terms of Use”). In case of the brousing or visiting by Uers under-age, the User’s guardian is deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use.

Article 1 (Repudiation of Guarantee)

1. PDAS does not guarantee the accuracy of any information and contents or articles provided on the Website. PDAS is not responsibefor any damages, direct or indirect, arising out of, or in relation to, the use or brousing of the Website.

2. PDAS does not guarantee in any respect that any information, articles, images, data, program and other contents (collectively “Content”) on the Website do not contain any viruses or is not subject to any illegal access.

Article 2 (Prohibition of Reproduction)

1. PDAS owns all intellectual properties in or tho the Content constituting the Website. No Content may be reproduced, copied, republished, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, encoded, translated, transmitted or distributed in any way (“Reproduce”) to any other websites, magazines, advertisements, or any other medium without PDAS’s prior written consent.

2. If, against the previous clause, Content is Reproduced on other platforms or material without PDAS’ prior written consent, PDAS will take any measures against such Reproduction including in accordance with applicable copyright, patent, and other relevant laws.

Article 3 (Jurisdiction of Rights)

1. Any rights in or to any program, software, service, trademarks, products, and related technology consisting the Website provided by PDAS or its business partners belong to PDAS, its partners, owners of programs and information providers respectively. Users may not take any action or non-action to infringe on such rights of these persons.

2. Users may not take any act to infringe or modify the programs constituting the Website.

3. In case of any dispute arising out of any breach of this article, Users must solve such dispute with its responsibility and cost, and indemnify and hold harmless PDAS from any such responsibility or cost.

Article 4 (Compensation for Damages)

1. User will indemnify and hold harmless to PDAS and any of its business partners for any damages, losses, fees, expenses, liabilities, or penalties, incurred to or imposed against PDAS, its business partners, and/or third parties arising out of, or in respect with, the violation or breach of the Terms of Use, guidelines or any applicable laws,

2. In the event User breachs or violatatesArticle 3 and causes damages to PDAS, its partners, or third parties, the User will be responsibilee for the compensation of all auch damages inflicted on PDAS, its partners, third parties, and any other User.

Article 5 (User Conduct)

1. User is responsible for sending or receiving any Content using the Website.

2. PDAS delivers its services to Userss via the Internet. Users are responsible for, and bear any cost with resepct to, the installment and operation of devices, internat connections, softwares, or other relevant items to connect to the Interne PDAS is not responsible for any damages caused by the installation and operation mentioned above by the User.

3. The User acknowledges and agrees that, depending on the Internet connection environment, User will bear all the Internet connection expenses and other expenses to access and utilize the the services provided by the Website.

4. The User acknowledges and agrees that User may not able to access or utilize the full services provided by the Website depending on the Internet connection environment.

Article 6 (Privacy Policy)

Clause 1 (General)

1. PDAS respects the User’s privacy in high regard, and handles the User’s Personal Information with due care.

2. PDAS establishes Personal Information protection program for Users, and in accordance with this program, will carry out the implementation, maitaintenace, and continuous development of the program. PDAS will comply with any laws and regulations in relation to the protection of Personal Information.

Clause 2 (Personal Information)

Under this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” means, as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, information about a living individual which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other description contained in such information (including such information as will allow easy reference to other information and will thereby enable the identification of the specific individual).

Clause 3 (Collection of Personal Information)

1. PDAS will collect Personal Information in legal and fair manner, and does not obtain the same against the User’s objection.

2. PDAS notifies or announces the purpose of use of Personal Data in advance in case of collection.

Clause 4 (Use of Cookies by PDAS)

1. PDAS may utilize Cookies and other sources of information such as IP address or history, and collect information that may relate to the privacy of User.

2. User can deny PDAS’s use of Cookies by disabling the use of Cookies in the browser setting. However, if Cookies are disabled, User must be beware of possible malfunctions that may occur, in case of, for example, checking the status of usage of relevant information.

Clause 5 (Purpose of Use of Personal Information)

PDAS uses collected Personal Information for the following purposes.

1. To answer or respond to enquiries or consultation from User.

2. To send quotes, invoices, and other documents in response to User’s enquiry.

3. To request opinions or thoughts to Users in respect of services provided by PDAS.

4. To warn User for any breach or potential breach of the Terms of Use.

5. To notify User and request the payment of any financial obligations owed by User.

Clause 6 (Providing Personal Information to Third Party)

PDAS may, if any of the following is satisfied, provide Personal Information to third parties.

1. When the provision to third parties is authorized by law.

2. When the provision to third parties is requested by law.

3. When the provision to third parties is necessary for the protection of life or assets and consent from the principle is practically difficult.

4. When the provision to third parties is requested by the Police Agency, Public Prosecutors Office, the Court, National Consumer Affairs Center, or other public entities.

5. When the handling of Personal Information is outsourced to a third party.

6. When the principle consents to the provision.

Clause 7 (Handling of Personal Information)

PDAS will keep the safety management of, and keep confidentiality of, Personal Information However, PDAS will not ensure that Personal Information will be prevented from all leaks, losses, or subject to alterations.

Clause 8 (Maintenance of Accuracy of Personal Information)

PDAS ensures that Personal Information of Users will continue to be accurate and updated to the extent necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use of the Personal Information.

Clause 9 (Inquiry by User)

In case of demand by User for inquiry / correction / addition / deletion / suspension of use of Personal Information of User (“Inquiries”), PDAS will verify the identity information of the User. If PDAS determines User’s identity information is verified, PDAS will make responses to the Inquiries within the reasonable period.

Clause 10 (Changes on Purpose of Use)

Changes on this Privacy Policy including Purpose of Use and handling of Personal Information become effective as of the time PDAS publishes the new Privacy Policy on the Website.

Clause 11 (Exemption of Liability)

1. PDAS is not liable for for the acquisition of Personal Information by a third party in the following cases;

(1) When User discloses Personal Information through functions of this Website or any other means to a third party.

(2) When User consents the acquisition of Personal Information by the third party.

(3) When Personal Information is acquired through another website to which the link is found on PDAS’s Website.

2. PDAS is not liable for the protection of privacy on any websites links on the Website. Visiting these website links should be done under the User’s own responsability.

Clause 12 (Administrator)

Personal Information handling by PDAS is administered by the individual listed below. Any enquiry related to Personal Information is to be directed the following Administrator.

Company : PD Aerospace Co., LTD.
Administration Curator : CEO Shuji Ogawa
Location : 3519 Arimatsu Midori-ku Nagoya city Aichi
Contact : 052-621-6996
Email : info @

Article 7 (Amendment)

PDAS reserves the right to amend this Terms of Use at any time without notice. User is expected to verify this Terms of Use whenever using the Website. If User utilizes any Content on the Website, User is deemed to have agreed to the relevant amendment. PDAS is not responsibile for any direct or indirect damages incurred to Users or third parties caused by the User not verifying the amendment made on the Terms of Use.

Article 8 (Jurisdiction)

1. In case of an occurrence of any dispute between User and PDAS in relation to this Terms of Use, both parties will enter into good faith consultation.

2. Should the consultation as mentioned in previous clause not solve the dispute, Nagoya District Court will have the exclusive jurisdiction over the dispute as a first trial court.

3. This Terms of Use is governed by the Japanese Law.

Enactment : 10th January, 2013

Revision : 16th May, 2018