Weekend space development! An opporutnity to be involved in space R&D
PD Aerospace are looking for members of Probono (volunteer) to accelerate development.
If you are interested in company-led spaceplane development, space project, those who want to make use of specialty, please apply.

Recruitment period The 4th period has been closed
* The next recruitment period will be announced on this site as soon as it is decided.
Purpose of establishment In order to revitalize the aerospace industry, we have widely opened doors to various development fields, creating an active base for research, development, and commercialization returning to our own field.
Creating an activity base with freedom and explore / construct new forms of research and development and commercialization in this field.
Activity objective To support the PD Aerospace's activities of spaceplane development and space-related projects in general.
Emphasis on spontaneity, aggressiveness.
It is basically based on acting, not just thinking.
Activity 【Development work for spaceplane】
・Engine development
 Production of combustion mode switching engine, combustion experiment, data analysis etc.
・UAS development
 Production of fixed-blade unmanned aircraft, repair of flight control device / program, construction of communication system (including ground station), support of ground test / flight test etc.
Work location Aichi / Tokyo JAPA, other
note: Members in remote areas can also participate using net tools.
Activity frequency Each member sets it by comparing the activity status of PD aerospace with its own situation.
Regular meeting (Skype) on the second Wednesday of every month
note: Many members work on weekends
Application flow Documents submitted
Interview(R&D center or Skype)
Registration certification / initial registration fee transfer
Registration complete / enrollment
Start activity
Application method

Please attach the required document to the following address, with the subject as "space house application", please send email.
folder Required document

note: Documents required for submission varies depending on the object.Please submit only applicable documents.


Unknown points, questions etc are also accepted at the above address.
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